We endeavour to deliver valued services to our clients through superior standards, efficiency and our owned special equipment; making us unique and competitive

Truck & Trailer Fleet

Prime Movers:

We own 65 trucks and have access to more than 300 heavy haulage partners trucks.

Trailer fleet consisting of:

  • Steel Coil carriers
  • Flat bed trailers
  • Tipper trailers
  • LPG tanker trailers
  • Standard Low loaders
  • Heavy Lift Modular trailers

Our fleets are tracked, we implement fleet management systems which include daily inspections, monthly preventive and routine service schedules to ensure our equipment’s are 100% fit for purpose.

Cranes & Forklifts

Heavy and special crane fleet include:

  • 1x 260T Crawler Crane
  • 1x 180T Crawler Crane
  • 2x 55T Crawler Crane
  • 1x 50T mobile Crane

Forklifts and other handling equipment:

  • 1x 25T forklift
  • 1x 16T forklift
  • 1x 10T forklift
  • 5x 15T Hydra truck
  • 1x 5T forklift