With our infrastructure we are confident to offer our clients a guaranteed turnkey solution

Mackenzie Maritime Head Office:

Mackenzie Maritime House

Zanzibar road , Shimanzi
P O Box 82411 – 80100, Mombasa, Kenya
Off Tel: +254 741 933 143

A strategic location close to the Port of Mombasa’s main access gates, to all the shipping agents and various statutory bodies.
Our services are not hindered by traffic and distance delays.
Our head office houses our key departments namely: Management & Sales, Accounts, and Clearing & Forwarding department.

Mackenzie Maritime Shimanzi Warehouses

Mackenzie Maritime has 100,000 SQFT covered warehouse space adjacent to the head office located on Zanzibar Road, Mombasa.
This is a strategic location next to the Port of Mombasa allowing quick cargo evacuation from vessels.
We also have access to
more than 100,000 SQFT covered storage on Makande road, a further distance of 2.8 kms from the head office.
Our warehouses are fully secure
with 24/7 own and outsourced security personnel, CCTV and regular patrol vehicles.

Mackenzie Maritime Jomvu Operations Yard

Lying on an 6 Acre piece of land, Mackenzie Maritime Jomvu yard is strategically located on the Mombasa Nairobi Highway, 7 Kms from Mombasa port. This location and facility is ideal for:

  • Covered storage of commodities, FMCG and project sensitive cargo
  • Open storage-more than 100,000 SQFT for heavy lift & project cargo

This facility hosts the company fleet of trucks and equipment as well as our workshop, the yard is completely secured with 4 meters high walls, electric fence and 24 hours security and CCTV cameras.
The yard offers the highest security to the warehouses as these are within the premises.