Mackenzie Maritime E.A. Limited is wholly committed to the highest standards in providing its services

Quality Statement

Mackenzie Maritime E.A. Limited is fully committed to the highest industry standards by being the best supply chain logistics company providing clearing and forwarding, warehousing, transport, handling, marine services and lifting equipment certification within East Africa.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Continually improve service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve productivity of internal resources

Mackenzie shall ensure that the Quality Objectives associated with its Quality Policy established at relevant functions and processes within the Organization are achieved. These objectives shall be reviewed for suitability on an annual basis in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We set aggressive key performance indicators for our services and we ensure we exceed them all in the provision of our services.

Health and Safety Commitment

Mackenzie Maritime E. A. Limited is firmly committed to maintain a safe working environment for its employees and the environment. The Company and all its personnel work together to promote a participative management environment whereby everyone takes the responsibility to achieve an accident free workplace. The Health and Safety procedures and policy have been prepared and implemented. Our basic safety rules which are a condition of employment are:

  • I shall Assess and control risks before starting any task
  • I will only perform activities for which I am authorized to do so
  • I will never override or misuse health & safety devices
  • I will always use the required PPE
  • I do not work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • I will Report all incidents

Environment Protection

As a leading freight forwarding Company, the cornerstone of our mission at Mackenzie is to not only generate value for our customers and shareholders, but also to contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment and the communities within which we operate. As such, Mackenzie Maritime E. A. Limited is firmly committed to protecting the environment. The company strategy and environmental policies are geared toward a clean and safe environment by ensuring the following:

  • Proper waste management system
  • Recycle water and paperless operations
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emission
  • Reduced energy consumption